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Rationale for a safer topical estrogen

Estrogens are steroid hormones that support skin health by maintaining skin thickness, moisture content, and elasticity. The profound effects of estrogens on skin were known long before it was discovered that estrogen receptors are present in epithelial tissues but most abundant in facial skin and the uterus.

Decades after estrogens were first used over-the-counter (OTC) to restore and maintain skin health, unwanted estrogenic side effects were linked to the use of these products. Safety concerns finally led to the removal of all estrogens and other hormone-containing OTC products in the US in 1994. Less than 10 years later, the use of estrogen-containing prescription products were associated with an increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. These risks associated with estrogen use have made many doctors and patients hesitant to use estrogens to manage aging skin and vaginal atrophy associated with low estrogen.

Hygeia's biodegradable topical estrogens were specifically designed to avoid the risks associated with currently available estrogen products.


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